Guerlain launches L’Homme ideal, the new youth side of the brand

 Guerlain launches L’Homme ideal, the new youth side of the brand

It’s been a while since Guerlain  launched a Masculine fragrance. Since the success of the Petite Robe Noire and the relaunch of Shalimar with the amazing film they created, the tone was for women. In this beginning of June, Guerlain changes this situation with the launch of L’Homme Ideal.

Here above I put the teaser video for the advertising campaign, which has been released online this last week-end. With this creative piece, the brand shows us a bit of rejuvenation. Guerlain is known for been a great perfumery house, where strong fragrances, overloaded flacons, sophistication and mystic elements are common in their products. Nevertheless, since the Petit Robe Noir was launched we have seen a change in their communication, which will determinate a change of the consumer perception of the brand. L’Homme Ideal looks like will follow the steps of La Petite Robe Noir, and besides been a success in terms of popularity, it will give to Guerlain a touch of youth.

The launch has been established for the end of June (the date is between the 23rd and 29th), but some stores and specially travel retail have had the pleasure of releasing the avant-premier.

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