Happy Father’s Day from Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier wishes you Happy Father’s Day with “Celebrate Dad’s”

Swiss watch manufacturer Baume & Mercier is continuing its “Celebrate Moments” campaign with an update geared toward Father’s Day gifting.

To outline that Baume & Mercier timepieces are ideal gifts for the holiday June 15, the brand has reinterpreted its ongoing campaign to reflect the relationship between a father and son. Instead of relying on a gift guide format to spark interest from consumers, Baume & Mercier is aiming for an emotional connection over the point of sale.

By supporting this festivity, Richemont-owned Baume & Mercier is continuing to identify with celebrating life’s moments and supporting its DNA alongside its “Life is about moments” motto. With this approach, the watchmaker also has better ability to interact with various generations of consumers for this particular holiday.

On social media, Baume & Mercier has shared its #CelebrateDad campaign with a sharable video that highlights the relationship between a father and son (see on the top). The video, told from the perspective of the son, or the gifter in this case, accounts for life’s nostalgia and the paternal bond as a justification for purchasing a Baume & Mercier timepiece.


Baume & Mercier is one of the few luxury watch manufactures that does advertising campaigns. Most of these brands claim that their product is for a minority and it’s said that advertising is for the mass, so that you won’t see many luxury watches TV spots or online videos. 

I think that B&M has made a good decision starting this emotional advertising campaign.

  • First of all, many people has come to know the brand. Probably not all of them will end buying a B&M watch, but I’m sure that many of them if they have the occasion of spending the money for a nice watch they will think about this brand.
  • Another reason is creating loyalty between their clients. The fact that they have chosen an emotional campaign, makes their clients have a reason to engage even more with the product. In this case, owners of a B&M will want to keep their watch forever and give it to their sons. Of maybe their children buy them a watch.
  •  Finally, spread their communication though the digital media will help them gaining the opinion of the specifiers. Mouth to mouth is a powerful weapon, and for luxury brands customers more. If your client does not believe your add, they will believe their neighbors, friends or colleagues for sure.

Ad_SP_BIRTH_MOA_10011_EN.indd Ad_SP_DRIVING_MAN_MOA_10065_EN.indd

 Enjoy Father’s Day with your family…

xxx M


3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day from Baume & Mercier

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