Acqua di Gio “Scent of Freedom” lets the consumer see from the model perspective

“Scent of Freedom” is the last campaign of Giorgio Armani most iconic perfume. In this video, Luca Dotto, Italian Olympic Swimmer, embodies the Acqua di Giò man.

With this campaign the brand’s aim is to increase consumer engagement by placing the viewer in the protagonist’s role for its latest Acqua di Giò campaign video. By clicking an icon on YouTube’s view finder, the consumer could alter the perspective of the video to see the model’s point of view or watch the scene normally. Although the viewer was not truly a part of the effort, allowing the consumer to decide how to watch increased engagement and was more likely to leave an impression.


This year Acqua di Giò shares terrain with the new flanker Acqua di Gioia Eau de Toilette (feminine. Therefore, this new communication from the original fragrance will probably have less coverage. Taking this into account, we have to give merit to the brand because even though is a pretty basic campaign, the fact of involving the consumer will bring good engagement objectives resulst. 

I have to say that the powerful creativity elements will help a lot in the mentioned results and in the number of views: Not just the importance of the fragrance as a classic, but the amazing music, photography of the video and the well sculpt model.


xxx M



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