Reasons why JPG ends Ready-to-Wear

Hello readers, here I post an article about some info that has surprised me: The genius Jean Paul Gaultier ends Ready-to-Wear in order to devote himself to Haute Couture, fragrances and other projects (including hotels, interior design and collaboration, for example with H&M). Nevertheless, there’re some reasons that make this statement understandable.




Vampires at JPG's couture fall winter 2014-15

Gaultier’s last ready-to-wear collection will be shown on September 27 during the spring/summer 2015 fashion shows in Paris. I bet thousands of people will be over that last show, and the impact on media, specially digital ones, will be viral. It’s a good tip to know this if you wanna anticipate a huge trend-twitter or gain points in the influencers world :), because believe me, it’s gonna be socially BIG.

The designer told industry journal WWD the decision had been taken after an “in-depth assessment” of the future of the fashion house in which Spanish fragrance and fashion group Puig has a majority stake.“For some time, I have found true fulfilment in working on the haute couture, and it allows me to express my creativity and my taste for research and experimentation,” he said. Between this line you can understand that he’s ready to “retire” and work at what he wants. He has built an empire, a brand which symbols are world known and considered one of France’s most talented designers. Now it was the time to finally sell the company to a big group, and focus on being an artist. Thinking like that, I would say he’s been really smart.



Jean Paul Gaultier with Marc and Manuel Puig

The designer, who still creates stage costumes for performers such as Kylie Minogue and pin-up icon Dita von Teese (bellow) , said the decision came as the world of ready-to-wear had “evolved considerably”. “Commercial constraints as well as the frenetic pace of collections don’t leave any freedom, nor the necessary time to find fresh ideas and to innovate. I will be able again to express my creativity without constraints.




Gaultier, who launched his own company in 1976, started his beauty business in 1991 and an accessories division in 2000. WWD quoted market sources as estimating that the fashion house currently generates consolidated revenues of around $38.9 million, with fragrances the most successful part of the business.



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