Dior Homme and Amor Amor. How two different brands approach digital experience to sell perfumes.

Dears readers, we have passed Halloween, the american limit to allow companies shops and brands to begin talking about Christmas. We are starting to feel its rush and that means that the perfume industry has to push new launches, advertising, promotions and other actions to encourage purchasing.

Personally, I think that a good plus to regular advertising or in store actions, is to create a digital experience for customers, in order to engage emotionally with the perfume. In this post I’d like to introduce you two good examples from brands from very different categories: A very premium one and another focussed more on young girls, Dior and Cacharel.

DiorHomme2013_220x285_Instit_pack.indd mgluxurynews amor amor de cacharel

LVMH owned Dior fragrances are consider premium products inside the sector, and so they have to use a different communication, where exclusivity, precious olfactory ingredients and luxury is very present. This time, they have created a digital experience, through an interactive journey video, for Dior Homme, which is the most important masculine pillar of the brand.

Dior shared the standard version of its Dior Homme Genesis “The Art of Creation” film on social media and YouTube. A click-through takes the user to the special website, where begins the experience that will take them through 13 secrets of the fragrance. When the film ends the consumer can select to rewatch or discover more about the Dior Homme fragrance. In the discover section, the consumer can explore the campaign video with actor Robert Pattinson.

The objective of this campaign is empower Dior Homme in a year where there isn’t any range extension or limited edition launch, and (in an undertone) justify the product’s price tag with the use of craftsmanship videos underscoring dedication and quality of execution.

On the other side, we have Cacharel’s Amor Amor, another very stablished perfume in the market, whom target, young girls, is different from Dior Homme, and so the communication will answer other guidelines. This time, the brand has organized a contest in its social media in order to chose three girls to star Amor Amor next commercial in Spain, Argentina and France, key markets of the fragrance (In 4 days they will announce the winners names).

The objective of this campaign is engage with the target and gain new fans on Amor Amor social media profiles. The message of using one of this teens to star in the new ad, has made Amor Amor consumers feel more close to the brand. In my opinion, the brand is working really good the loyalty of this fragrance’s target, but focussing too much on Amor Amor universe is making the brand lose a huge piece of the cake of the perfume industry. So should Cacharel diversify its products?

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