Saint Laurent & Céline, two brands that chose legendary celebrities for their 2015 advertising campaigns

Happy New Year readers! How were your holiday? I come a bit late with the greeting, but it has been a very busy entry on 2015! I’m back on the city, back to work and back to Barcelona’s social life 😉

I’m going to start the year with a post about who did some fashion brands choose to star their 2015 advertising campaigns. Of course, the new year brings thousands of new campaigns, and it would be impossible to talk about all of them. But, there are a couple that I find curious… I’ll give you a clue of why are they special: The celebrities staring are not models, not pretty, and not young… can you guess?


mgluxurynews mgluxurynews Joni Michell Hedi Slimane Saint Laurent 2015 ad campaign

Hedi Slimane, creative director of Saint Laurent, has decided that Joni Mitchell will be the image of their next advertising campaign. This campaign, inspired on the music legends, is included in a brand’s work called Music Project, a portfolio set up by rock & roll celebrities. Slimane declared that the 71 years old singer is his new muse.

With the trend of the moment being undeniably ’70s derived, Mitchell was photographed by Slimane wearing her YSL folk tunic at her home in Bel Air.

mgluxurynews Joni Michell for Saint Laurent 2015 ad campaign


Joan Didion was cast as Céline’s latest campaign star. This 80 years old woman is a restless and bright writer, who built herself within the fashion and lifestyle titles, and this intellectual past places the brand on a desirable rank. Céline prefers to take this californian writer rather than a young model, they chose intelligence vs beauty when talking about luxury.

mgluxurynews Céline 2015 advertising campaign staring Joan Didion Fashion Writermgluxurynews Céline Joan Didion ad campaign

It’s not very usual to use older celebrities to star on fashion and luxury media campaigns, but these examples aren’t the first cases. On the 90s, Sofía Loren (60 yo) starred Pomellato’s campaign, Catherine Deneuve starred several times on LV advertising…

In my opinion, it’s a way to give your brand some kind of glory, of nobility. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a recurring strategy, otherwise your target would not recognize themselves with the communication. But in certain branding ads, where the brands have an historical heritage, it can be a great movement to touch the audience. What do you think?

xxx M


4 thoughts on “Saint Laurent & Céline, two brands that chose legendary celebrities for their 2015 advertising campaigns

    1. I just saw the trailer! There’s a little difference between the women on this documentary and the ones of the campaign on my blog, but the basis must be the same.

      I’m looking forward to watch it! Thanks for the advice 🙂

      Merci ❤

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