Luxury skin-care approach consumer digital experience on a premium way. Dior and Chanel new cases.

This one is a busy week in the fashion world: All the press is around John Galliano’s success at Margiela (A brand almost forgotten, which at this time is nº1 share of voice in the media), the actual hole on Gucci’s top management, due to Giannini’s departure, and the Men AW 2015 Fashion Weeks!

However, I’m going to touch a different issue, something that has to do with my recurrent line of how luxury and fashion brands build themselves a digital identity. Today’s post is about how the two kings of the realm, Dior and Chanel, approach consumer digital experience for their premium skin care products.


French fashion house Chanel is starting what they call a “revolution in hydration” with the introduction of its latest serum, Hydra Beauty. The image of the campaign is the beautiful Diane Kruger, who appeared in a handful of Chanel beauty efforts and is now recognizable as the face of the brand’s offerings in the sector.

mgluxurynews Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum

To introduce the new product to its enthusiasts, Chanel sent an email blast to those signed up to their Newsletter. A click-through brings consumer to a product page inside Chanel’s official site, that includes all the information about the serum and a descriptive video, staring Diane Kruger, with a narrator that among other things explains that the serum is made of micro-droplets derived from the Camellia flower, a code of Chanel.

mgluxurynews Chanel Hydra Beauty Diane Kruger videomgluxurynews Chanel Hydra Beauty Videomgluxurynews Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum


LVMH’s owned Dior is releasing its new Capture Totale Le Sérum with a microsite that allows consumers to learn as much as possible about the product before purchasing it. The content is this microsite is destined to give users the ability to develop an emotional relationship with the product.

After some explanations around Le Serum benefits, the innovation around this product and its effect on the face’ skin, Dior includes one thing on the site that I find very cool: The introduction of its key ingredient, the Boosted Longoza, through a video that underlines Dior’s gardens in Madagascar, where they cultivate this magic fruit.

As you can appreciate, in these two cases there are common elements. The way brands handle the communication of $100 creams isn’t the same than L’oreal, Garnier, Kiel’s and others beauty brands would do. Here, they try to empower the innovation and science behind the product, they give a lot of importance to the ingredients and, in one word, they care of every detail that can make high class consumers to believe in their quality.

I invite you to have a look into Dior’s Capture Totale Le Serum and Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Serum sites, and judge by yourself if it’s worthy to pay that for a skin care product… They have already convince me 😉

xxx M


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