De Djess, the latest episode of Miu Miu’s serie Women’s Tale. Another example of great storytelling from a Fashion brand.

Hello readers! This week has been crazy, trying to catch all the news around New York Fashion Week and speculating about who is going to wear what at the Oscars. Before I forget, I wanted to congratulate my friend Carmen Castiñeira, who made her debut on NY at the back stage of Del Pozo… Amazing show!

On top of that, I organized a dinner with friends at my place, and between the Melanzane a la Parmigiana and the cheese cake (first time I bake a dessert), I didn’t have enough time to focus on this week’s post. However, in the middle of some shows I saw a few articles about the new episode of Miu Miu Women’s Tales, and as I’ve already touched this issue on my blog with episode N.o 8, I’m going to continue covering the effort 🙂

“De Djess” is the latest addition of the brand to its Women’s Tale short film series by today’s most distinctive female filmmakers. This episode N.o 9 has been written and directed by recent Cannes Grand Prix-winning director Alice Rohrwacher, who explains in an interview with Dazzed her motives to collaborate with Miu Miu, and the reason behind the plot.

Miu Miu often launches these episodes during major events, in order to benefit from having a crowd already gathered, and in this case, the audience at the event couldn’t have been bigger. However, I had to wait until the weekend to watch it in depth, because NYFW was taking up 95% of the news, so I don’t know how positive it was to launch in moments like this.

mg luxury news Dakota Fanning for Miu Miu MG LUXURY NEWS Kisrten Dunst for Miu Miu mg luxury news miuccia prada at Women's Tale screen

Dakota Fanning, Kirsten Dunst and Miuccia Prada at De Djess premier.

On the other hand, after watching the video is like you need to know the story behind, because with just 10 min of duration and dialogs in an invented language, it’s difficult to understand what Alice Rohrwacher tries to convey. Also, in my opinion, creating curiosity in the audience is key.

Lately, we have seen many cases of Fashion brands cooperating with well-known directors, in order to make films where the importance isn’t to sell a product, but to communicate concepts of the brand – A clear example that shows the difference between a commercial and a Fashion Film is the latest Chanel N.o 5 ad vs. Les Métiers D’Arts films – I find it really amazing when a brand allows itself to launch a video where its logo or name is not even mentioned, and still, through a series of symbols, the consumer is able to recognize the author of the film.

I hope you find yourself investigating about “De Djess”, at least, use it as a relaxing pill between shows! And now… Enjoy the red carpet and the upcoming Fashion Weeks – back to the agenda setting 😉

xxx M


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