Dior partners exclusively with retailer Lane Crawford for the launch of their latest handbag collection through a contest on Instagram

It’s been a while since I want to write about the relation between luxury brands and retailers. At the beginning of the week, I read an article about a contest that Lane Crawford did for the exclusive prelaunch of the latest Dior handbags collection, Diorama, and I thought it was the right moment to share my opinion about it.

mg luxury news Lauren Diorama Dior handbags

Lane Crawford is a Luxury department store chain, with some physical stores in Great China and with a global online store very developed. Having a great e-commerce and a seamless shopping experience are its main objectives. Therefore, having a partnership with Dior, where social media is the main channel, can bring benefits to both parts.

MGLuxuryNews lauren Crawford Pop Up display for Dior MGLuxuryNews lauren Crawford Pop Up display for Dior Diorama handbags

Some pictures from LC's Instagram, showing the bespoke pop-up corners in one of their Hong-Kong stores.

The contest took place on LC’s instagram, but it was introduced across social media, in order to gain more impressions. From February 18th, users could participate by uploading a collage made by a Diorama handbag and an outfit from the retailer’s Web site that they would wear the bag with. The only requests were to have one app to edit pictures and to post with the hashtag #LCxDiorama. The fact of letting the user create their own outfits – to use the imagination – is very attractive, and it allows reaching both existing clients, and aspirational clients.

I think it’s very important to point out the benefits of the collaboration between luxury brands and retailers. First of all, retailers can gain new potential consumers from the brand’s followers; and the brand can amplify the reach of their launches, and as consequence, generate sales. However, brands have to be careful, because share your data base with a retailer, can also mean that your users will be impacted by other brands that the retailer will in the future partner with.

MGLuxuryNews #BeDior Dior MGLuxuryNews #BeDior Dior 1

Dior SS15 #BeDior campaign, staring Jennifer Lawrence

E-commerce is winning a lot of importance, and finally, Luxury buyers are consuming more time on social media and on Internet. This, has helped the creation of many luxury online stores like Net-A-Porter or My Theresa, where brands have to be. The fact is, that retailers will ask these brands for some collaboration, which we can clearly call promotions. However, “promotion” isn’t the favorite word of luxury brands, but if we hide it under the umbrella of Instagram (The most premium social media atm), your promotional partnership with the retailer looks suddenly very cool, and you will have many bloggers writing about it 😉

mgluxurynews Elle Uk HPTO Diorama Dior handbags

Home Page Take Over at ELLE UK - The 28th February, after the teaser.

In my opinion, these partnerships are very appropriate: for brands whom e-commerce isn’t that evolved, for products that are sold easily – like accessorizes or fragrances, or for weak periods of sales. Specially, in the fragrances’ sector, where the smell of the product, which is the most important element to purchase it, is physically impossible to try it on Internet, this type of actions should be very recurrent. For example, I found very cool last year project from Carolina Herrera‘s CH 2014 limited edition (CH Grand Tour), where you had to play a game in a special microsite and at the end they linked somehow the user with a retailer. I think this is a good example of “How to partner with retailers”, because Carolina Herrera kept the users registered during the game, but at the same time, sold many units through its retailers.

Surely, we will see many actions like these, coming up in the next months and years. So, I hope you learn something with my post, and maybe, it will help others to think about their retail strategy 🙂

xxx M


3 thoughts on “Dior partners exclusively with retailer Lane Crawford for the launch of their latest handbag collection through a contest on Instagram

  1. Very insteresting article ! I saw the new campaign with Miss Lawrence and I plan to write about it as soon as FW ends 🙂

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