Alexander Wang pays homage to Balenciaga’s spanish origins by opening a new boutique in Madrid

It seems that during Fashion Weeks there are any Fashion news besides the shows, the front-rows, and the after parties. I’ve been trying to find out any cool project or digital campaign, but I wasn’t lucky… Fashion and Luxury publications are just talking about Paris Fashion Week. Nevertheless, after Balenciaga’s show I found my inspiration…

mgluxurynews Wanglenciaga for Balengiaca

In 2005 Alexander Wang created his own brand, and in 2012 he replaced Nicolás Guesquiére as the creative director of Balenciaga. As soon as he became creative director of this legendary spanish brand, he took his team and flew to Getaria, the seaside birthplace of the brand’s original couturier – Cristóbal Balenciaga, in order to empathize with the landscapes, the museums and the people that inspired Balenciaga.

The interest of Alexander Wang on the origins of the brand didn’t end with that trip. He’s convinced of including heritage and legacy on Balenciaga’s collections and image, and so, he insisted on opening a 320m2 boutique in the center of Madrid next March 13. Isabelle Guichot, the brand’s CEO acknowledges that they have always been a little bit shy in that country, but totally supports the initiative. On top, Balenciaga is to celebrate its centenary in 2017, a year were the Prado museum will give a major exhibition to pay homage to the brand, “So it’s a very good moment to come to Spain,” said Guichot.

mgluxurynews Balenciaga's new boutique in Madrid

During Alexander Wang’s legacy as creative director, Balenciaga has established itself globally as a Luxury Brand reference. Developing men’s wear, knitwear, footwear and a special “red-carpet” department that dresses celebrities, are some of the elements that have improve the brand’s perception and net revenues – Market sources estimate the brand generates revenues north of 350 million €.

mgluxurynews Juliane Moore dress in Balenciaga

We clearly see at the AW 2015 show the union between Balenciaga’s original spirit – traces of couture, leather goods and a classical sophistication – and the new clientele trends. Alexander Wang showed in this show a metaphor, where the rebellious daughters of societal swans wore their inherited dresses defacing them with piercings, flat boots among other elements. This way the creative director balances Wang’s own style with the house’s codes.

mgluxurynews Balenciaga AW15mgluxurynews Balenciaga AW15 2

AW 2015 show

mgluxurynews Balenciaga SS2015 ad campaign

SS15 Advertising Campaign with Russian model Sasha Pivovarova

Apart from liking of disliking the style of Alexander Wang, I think he’s doing a great job in Balenciaga. We all know that he’s got a very stablished style, which is shown in his own brand – knitwear, white and black, minimalist shapes. However, he has been able of holding under his hands a legendary couture house, and taking it to the next level by merging both fashion types successfully.

We are in a period where young designers are appearing with very creative and amazing collections. Digital and Social Media is helping the propagation of new brands, which with a little budget, but a huge mass of users following, can make a very big competence to the most honorable Luxury Brands. Loewe, Gucci, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Moschino, they have lately acquired new creative directors that share a common characteristic: New designers in existing fashion houses, who try to match their personal obsessions with the brands aesthetic, in order to continue their legendary legacy, but approaching new customers and adapting these brands to these digital era.

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