Louboutin reaches younger consumers by engaging them with a special Tribal inspired action in their website.


The intense month of the Fashion Weeks has finished – Bloggers & models can take some holiday and I’ll go back to write about interesting digital campaigns of Fashion and Luxury brands! This week’s post talks about the 360º Christian Louboutin campaign for the launch of Tribaloubi.

This spring summer collection is composed by a series of sandals, heels, flat shoes, handbags and other leather goods inspired on the tribes iconography, whose aesthetic breaks with Louboutin general designs. Some Louboutin fans can love it or hate it, but from a media point of view, they did great!

mgluxurynews Louboutin new tribal inspired collectionB_blSiEUwAAt8rNUnder the claim “Say hello to Tribaloubi“, the brand created a whole campaign where CRM, social media and digital marketing do a perfect cooperation in order to catch the consumer attention. Everything started with a launch party in London during Fashion Week and with an email newsletter to the brand subscribers – The press and Loubutin customers knew it, now it was the moment to impact the new ones. For that, the brand wrote several Facebook posts and tweets, which together with the influencers pictures of the party and the products, helped to amplify the collection awareness.

However, the reason of all the buzz on social media isn’t just the creativity of the collection. Louboutin has empowered Tribaloubi’s launch with a special action on their website: you can download and print tribal-themed finger puppets, and share your creations on social media for a chance to be featured by the brand.

mgluxurynews louboutin #tribaloubimgluxurynews louboutin tribaloubi ooh ads

The objective of the brand with this action has been to using social media to drive qualitative traffic to their website, a place where the user can be totally engaged by the site content. Christian Louboutin has a magnificent brand image, and thanks to that, they didn’t need to spend a huge budget on paid media. Instead, they created a super cool and original action, and let it go viral on social media.

In my opinion, Louboutin is following a great strategy to position themselves as a funnier and younger brand, changing the idea of Louboutin as shoes for “Femmes Fatales”. One important benefit that this kind of action brings, is that it enables today’s aspirational consumer (those who can’t afford the product) to also get recognition from the brand, and so in a future, turn this younger generations into customers.

louboutin spring summer collection ads mgluxurynews louboutin high heels

Spring Summer 2015 Ad campaing

To conclude, I underline the importance for Luxury Brands of connecting with their targets, and Louboutin has here betted for a younger and trendier one. Have they chosen the right strategy?

xxx M


20 thoughts on “Louboutin reaches younger consumers by engaging them with a special Tribal inspired action in their website.

    1. The price is according to what a Luxury brand demands, which normally is out of the range for young people. However, as said in the post, Louboutin is clearly reaching a younger target, in order to engage with them and turn them into customers in a future.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  1. I think Louboutin have made a very interesting market strategy here. Whilst their prices may not be in line with their new audience, I highly believe that the audience would be willing to spend the money on the right brand. The marketing strategy is everything though and I wouldn’t be surprised to find Louboutin’s popping up in a new audience.


  2. Hey it totally works for me! I am all about bold colors and fun prints and this new collection really catches my eye! Now if just the price-tag was also more tailored towards the “younger” consumers! xx Really great and well-written post!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  3. Love your posts babe
    I fell in love so hard with the shoes that I had to blog about them too ❤ Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the great work !

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