L’Extase #liberateyourfantasies campaign empowers women to free their sexuality

Full version, bellow!

Nina Ricci has launched this week L’Extase, a new fragrance whose spirit breaks the brand’s historical products in the perfumes’ industry. Starred by beautiful Laetitia Casta, the campaign claims for a woman that liberates her fantasies, even the most intimates ones, and this is reflected in the fragrance’s video ad, in it’s social media campaign, in the hashtags, everywhere!

mgluxurynews L'Extase Laetitia Casta mgluxurynews L'Extase Nina Ricci

Together with Spanish actor Kim Gutierrez, the couple represents a very sensual film that takes part in an elevator and that shows both passengers’ fantasies, while the lift raises upward. The passion moments flood the film, which are empowered by Portishead great single Glory Box. I have to say that the good taste is present in every detail of the film: the music, the rhythm, the actors, the locations… L’Extase video ad is a masterpiece, and shouldn’t be consider as pornographic content.

mgluxurynews Kim Gutierrez and Laetitia Casta

My last thought comes from the challenges that this campaign is confronting to appear in the media. I can understand that TV has some restrictions, but what about Internet? Aren’t we on a free space for sharing and communicating content? L’Extase 60″ and 30″ version has been banned by Google and Facebook, so Nina Ricci won’t be able to advertise this great film in YouTube, Banners nor Facebook: We can swallow many stupid ads about food delivery on YouTube, but we can’t have great content like this.

The content can be shared only in a private context, like in their Facebook page, Youtube channel, official Twitter… Nina Ricci found itself obliged to create special creativities to bypass the censorship of these Internet players, like the 30″ teaser that I’ve showed at the beginning of the post. We live in a free world, everyday women fight for their rights, but as soon as any content appears showing the sexual freeing of this gender, the word CENSORSHIP comes up…

As a woman, I want to make a massive call to every digital user – Share #liberateyourfantasies, comment this content, make L’Extase video ad become viral, and you will be helping not just a Fashion brand, but also the whole group of modern women that want to liberate any fantasy without being restrained.

And now… enjoy the film.

xxx MG


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