Vera Wang gets rid of the happy bride

Dear readers, today I’m going to play the bad cop 😉

The bridal season has arrived by the hand of the spring and the good weather. Magazines are releasing bridal special editions issues, cities are holding bridal fashion weeks and of course, brands are launching their new wedding dresses collections.

Spain is known to be a country where the bridal fashion industry is very developed. It’s so important, that Barcelona holds the most important event after the NY Bridal Week, the Barcelona Bridal Week, which takes place this year from May the 5th to the 8th. I suggest everybody that is interested about wedding inspiration or bridal fashion to check out this event, where brands like Rosa Clará or Pronovias will show their latest creations.

mgluxurynews Vera Wang Bridal

But going straight to the point, I wanted to talk a little bit about the Vera Wang latest spring 2016 bridal collection and specially, about their video ad, Hotel Madrid, launched on April 17th. It’s crystal clear the Spanish influence on the designs, which are covered of symbols from the Iberian culture such as lace, sensual lingerie, bullfighter’s jackets embroidery, and the original cut of the flamenco dresses. Vera Wang defined the campaign as “The beauty freedom mystery and intoxication of Spain. Intimate and personal, these women inspire a subtle yet nonchalant sexuality. Louche, lazy, luxurious. This is fashion through a youthful yet sophisticated lens.”

Here you can watch the video ad, and judge by yourselves.

In my opinion, these brides are everything but sexy. Their dirty hair, trend taken by Alexander Wang and Prada’s latest collections, the extreme skinniness, and the decadent environment, makes me think of junkies instead of beautiful brides. Sorry if I sound sharp, but like a Twitter follower said – “this looks like a drug den or horror film. There’s nothing of the happiness & beauty of a bride”.

mgluxurynews Alexander Wang 2015 Fall dirty hairmgluxurynews Prada Summer 2015 Dirty Hair 3

Alexander Wang fall 2015 & Prada spring summer 2015 ad campaign

I’m sure that the campaign will make “noise” on social media, but not because of being a cool campaign, so at least it’s going to bring some recognition to the brand. It’s true that it is difficult to communicate a bridal collection, without falling into the very romantic, “everything pastel colors” language. Fashion brands need to introduce some of their house codes into these collections as well, but I think that they have to respect the limits.

The same as you wouldn’t place your beautiful recipes’ pictures next to a trash can, or Nike wouldn’t use cute pets as brand ambassadors, Vera Wang can’t compare her young brides with anorexic flamenco dancers. I’d suggest you to have a look into Dolce & Gabbana’s 2015 summer collection, a good example of how to use Spanish influence for a fashion campaign.

What do you think of the “Hotel Madrid” video? Would you purchase some of the designs after watching the ad? Here some examples of wedding dresses that I do want to buy 🙂

mgluxurynews happy bride 2 mgluxurynews happy bride 6 mgluxurynews happy brides 4 mgluxurynews the happy bride 5 mgluxurynews the happy bride 7 mgluxurynews the happy bride 8 mgluxurynews the happy bride 9 mgluxurynews the happy bride 10

Have a nice week!

xxx M


10 thoughts on “Vera Wang gets rid of the happy bride

  1. They look as if they’re getting married to someone thy don’t want. Or like what thy would look like after a ‘ the hangover movie’ type of bachelorette party. Anyway. I wouldn’t get these designs purely cause of the vibe and choice of portrayal. Dior’s dresses are always stunning and I really like the classic french vibe. Pastels et tout 🙂 great post !

  2. Super interesting Ad. Funny thing though I am listening to “Becky G – Can’t stop dancing” so I had the video on mute. It looked pretty good with that track to it 🙂 Hope you’re having a great day. Love your posts. x

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