How to reach your objectives

This post is dedicated to my sister and everybody who has big dreams 🙂 and I know that it has nothing to do with the Luxury industry, but some times, I like to break routine with more inspiring articles!


Of course, there’s not a magical rule that will make you reach 100% your dreams, but in my opinion, who really goes-for-it, gets-it. You can’t stress yourself by setting ambitious objectives like I’m going to run 10km, but you haven’t gone to the gym in ages, or I’m going to start earning money with my site, when you don’t have a strong product to offer.

I might not have the key to success, but I can give you some simple tips that will definitely help you shorten your way to it!

  • First, and most important one, is to wake up early! You complain because the day doesn’t have enough hours, but have you tried to rise with the sun? That moment that you’ll have extra in the morning, when everything is calm, will give you time to think.
  • To wake up early without having a healthy and energetic breakfast is useless. I eat everyday a piece of fruit, two big toasts with ham or some fruit jam, and a skinny latte with lactose-free milk. It really helps me warming up for a productive day.
  • Do some exercise. and not just gym, but go outdoors and run, or play any team sport, and combine it with yoga 😉 This way you will increase your motivation for running one more km or for beating the other team, and you will forget about losing those kilos that stress yourself so much.
  • Dress nicely and try to look sharp every day! At work and even on lazy Sunday’s – Looking good will increase your self-confidence and will attract positive ideas.

You have probably heard of them a thousand times, but follow them works, believe me! Now some morning motivation pics.

8b0083314583a236b37ec8d5426840b4 back form holiday back to office blueberry pie breafkast toasts mgluxurynews breakfast 2 mgluxurynews café new york cake! CHAI in beautiful cups coffee and hydrangeas coffee weekend gym hello summer iced capuccino jam mgluxury news gym mgluxury news mgluxurynews breakfasts mgluxurynews chai mgluxurynews coffe to work mgluxurynews coffee first mgluxurynews coffee monday mgluxurynews coffee quote mgluxurynews european breakfast mgluxurynews hello weekend mgluxurynews morning moti
mgluxurynews morning! mgluxurynews muffin mgluxurynews tartine a beaurre mgluxurynews things to do! morning coffee NIKE MGLUXURYNEWS peach smoothie running 10km running share coffee toasts mgluxurynews

Enjoy your week

xxx M


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