5 tips to improve the relation with your agency

I studied advertising.

Yes, I went to University and I chose the coolest studies there were, because I wanted to be a creative (Also, my creativity teacher was way too hot and convinced me that creating ideas was the best thing ever). The reality is, that you never end up doing what you’ve studied for, and since that is very true, I have become the client and I have an agency that (I need) works for my projects.

So, this post is dedicated to those who work on fashion and beauty brands, or at any kind of media or marketing department, because I know that we are not bad people, but we could improve the relation with our agency!

mgluxurynews creativity

The situation is the following one: You have been one year working on that launch, the concept is innovative and the model fits totally with the image you want to give to the campaign. You have briefed your agency, waited for what seems like forever, and finally it is the day when you will see this amazing work that will propel your brand to greatness. What follows is a big blur and the next thing you know, you are saying in not so many words, “All of this is crap, go back and give me some more ideas.”

No matter how charming you are and how nicely you said it … I can pretty much guarantee they hate you. And by the way, it’s probably your fault, not theirs. So, in order to avoid that situation (where you look more like a bunch of fake smiling housewives) I’m going to give you 5 very useful tips:

  • Trust them with your problems: You have asked for their help for a reason, so why would you pretend you know the answer? They are problem solvers. And creative problem solvers, which you probably are not – They know about the creative progress, about production costs, about the latest media innovations and about cool stuff.

mgluxurynews trust your agency

  • Brief them well – Let them help you with the brief: They are going to be part of the success or fault of your brand, so why don’t take some time to give them an immersive course? Explain them your brand universe, all the marketing team, the brand’s lines and the difference between the cruise collection and the RTW SS15 collection 🙂 Also, You know that no matter what you give the agency, it changes when the creative team is briefed, right? So don’t worry about the template, the boxes and the corporate colors. Just get to the seven to 10 words that the creative team is going to create from.

mgluxurynews atelier

  • Share some drinks together: Let’s admit it: Creatives are way cooler than we are. They can wear Nike to a creative presentation. They probably are part owners of a craft brewing company. Don’t try to scare them with your Louboutin, but share some drinks and erase the tension. Don’t tell me that doesn’t play into the dynamic of not wanting to tell the cool kids who never talked to you in high school that you don’t like their idea. I absolutely love interacting with creatives. I find them genuine, funny and super talented at something we could never do. If you can get past being intimidated, you might find the same.

mgluxurynews afterhour

  • Think positive: Entering the meeting room thinking “where are you going to get them” isn’t the best initiative. Figure out if there is a grain of a good idea that may have been executed wrong and give them your gut reaction. React, laugh, grimace, anything.

mgluxurynews change is good

  • Pick you battles. The logo was 5mm too high, the shine on the lipgloss is too white, the Facebook post doesn’t have enough exclamation points…Time is precious for both you and your agency, so don’t send the agency 40 times back and email for irrelevant things. On the other hand, take your time to evaluate the work and give a feedback with criteria.

mgluxurynews creative studio

One last piece of advice: Enjoy it. You have the best job in the world, even if you don’t get to save lives. You are actually part of creating something. And that’s pretty cool.

Enjoy your week 🙂 My last one before holiday …

xxx M


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