The September Issue Revolution

The end of August in the Fashion industry means it is not summer anymore, but it is the beginning of the fall-winter season. Actually, I could say that what defines the end of the summer is the launch of the glossy September issues, which are even considered the Super Bowl of fashion.

Taking this into account, we are saying goodbye to our beloved summer, and our precious holiday season.

Once you have accepted this, you can continue reading about my advice on what to do if you have a media strategy for your brand, if you work on a paper version magazine, or if you are just curious about the digital era 🙂

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What is happening to magazines?

I’ve been saying for a while that brands have to think digital as the center of their strategies – Caution! With this I don’t mean that the biggest % has to be invested on digital marketing/media, just that it’s an important beginner, enhancer and end of the strategy – and to be honest, fashion magazines are still surprisingly analog. 

With so many competitors, experience is key: An amazing shoot, with a beautiful celebrity, labeled with the designer’s name isn’t going to stand out between the 832 pages of Vogue‘s September issue, and in this post I’d like to introduce you some tips that will definitely make a change (Even though some are really simple, believe me, not all brands follow them!) 🙂

  • Start by including the Hashtag and continue with the official URL and social media links: This will drive hundreds of people to your online ecosystem where the consumer can begin a conversation and soak up with the brand’s universe.

mgluxurynews #tommyxnadal

  • Encourage digital action by teasing something off the pages that appeared in the magazine…Certainly, you can’t tell much on a single page.
  • Use augmented reality to recall the attention of the consumer: Technology is applying great things on traditional media, you just have to see a good opportunity and dare to use it!
  • Expand the content: Giving more information about the product or enlarging the storytelling throughout audio and visual recognition.

Mary Berner, president and CEO of MPA since 2012, says ad pages are “no longer a proxy for a health of a brand.” Size does not matters, quality does 😉

mgluxurynews September Issue Vogue Ellemgluxurynews Magazines September Issue 2015 Bazaar

Enjoy your September issues & have a wonderful week! xxx María.


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