The trends that aren’t told at the Fashion Week

While the whole world is talking about the latest trends on women’s wear with the Fashion Week kicking off New York, I’m going to tell you about the latest trends on fragrances.

The luxury-feminine-fragrances market has three important characteristics – (1) It is a very competitive sector, due to the consumer trend of using from three to seven perfumes at the same time, (2) It represents a big share of the Luxury Brands revenues, because the price is way cheaper than Luxury Clothing, and (3) up to 60% to 70% of the perfume’s sales is done in Christmas, which makes the last quarter of the year the best time to invest millions in launching a new perfume and advertise it.

Knowing this, we should be asking ourselves why is the luxury world analyzing next spring-summer 2016 trends, instead of this Christmas big incomes? Well, I’m going to help you with that – Check out some 2016 fragrances trends, inspired on the latest launches 🙂


YSL Black Opium Eau de Toilette - New Launch

YSL La Nuit de l'Homme - March 2015

From 2008 YSL beauty division belongs to the L’Oréal Group‘s portfolio, and since the brand named Lubomira Rochetthe first CDO (Chief Digital Officer) of the beauty industry, all L’Oréal brands are in the spotlight for any digital innovation.

Black Opium & La Nuit de l’Homme are good examples of ads that seem to be longer than what is shown. They are not teasers, but the first act of a story where the seduction, the hunting and the darkness are the main codes.

mgluxurynews Edie-Campbell-Black-Opium-campaign mgluxurynews ysl_lanuitdelhomme

Following the strategy of Black Opium Eau de Parfum, the new Eau de Toilette has an official hashtag #yslblackopium, whose objective is to add awareness on social media, and to drive the user from offline ads to the digital special project – Dare to Rock **, where the user can edit a photo with Black Opium codes and share it on social media… however, the lack of a prize makes the action is a bit soft in terms of engaging.


Dior Sauvage - New Launch

After a long waited teaser that started in June, Dior launched last week Sauvage its new masculine perfume, and taps Johnny Depp as image of the campaign. The objective is water clear – Dior wanted to extend its brand association with the modern non-conventional man when selecting Johnny Depp and of course, was expecting the strong consumer response from his avid fans, which may boost sales of the entry-level item.

Sauvage, which translates to “wild,” is meant to evoke a rocky landscape under a blazing sun, and the ad tries to show that.

mgluxurynews Johnny Depp Sauvage

In my opinion, while Raf Simons is doing great things at Couture and RTW, Dior perfumes is confronting a lack of creativity. The new perfume isn’t very original:

  • Not only because the ad isn’t at the level of Dior, they could have taken advantage of the concept of wildness in better ways,
  • But also the naming of the product is based on another Dior’s line, Eau Sauvage, which communication has always been sublime. This element could make the new launch unnoticed, as the consumer may confuse both perfumes.
  • In addition, and sorry to this ad’s fans, this isn’t the best moment to chose Johnny Depp as the image of your product, with all the gossips talking bad about his figure…

mgluxurynews eau sauvage Dior 2015mgluxurynews johnny depp venice film festival


Nina Ricci Mini Nina - New Communication

As you know the packaging of a perfume is almost as important as the scent. Nina Ricci knows it and to reactivate their famous fragrance Nina, they have launched Mini Nina a little 20 ml version of the iconic Eau de Toilette.

In my opinion it’s a great initiative. Taking into account its young consumer, to launch a 20ml in the back to school period is a sales booster – I’m sure that many young girls will ask their mothers to buy them a Mini Nina to carry inside the school backpack 🙂

mgluxurynews Mini Nina Nina Ricci

¿Do you have other examples to classify in these trends? I’d be really glad to read them! Now, enjoy the Fashion Week News, and see you in October, after my 2nd holiday 🙂 This time I’m heading to Mexico, follow the trip on my Instagram @mariageronico.

Have a wonderful week xxx M


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