#DGFamily campaign, a sublime brand strategy that appeals to emotions.

mgluxurynews The One Mathiew FAMILY

Dolce & Gabbana’s ode to the family is one of the brand’s most famous codes. Since a few years, the meaning of the word family is present in every single part of the company: Advertising, digital marketing, in the collections, and even in the public disputes of the designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana – See the argument they had with Elton John about same sex adoption.

#DGFamily is the ultimate claim from the brand, whose italian origins have influence the cult about this concept, now hashtag. Following this line of communication, it’s totally logic to enhance the figure of the mother – The sexy and strong Italian mother that takes care of all the members of the family.

mgluxurynews Sophia Loren womanmgluxurynews dolce & gabbana for monica belluci mgluxurynews dolce & gabbana's woman mgluxurynews Laetitia Casta for Dolce & Gabbana mgluxurynews the woman dolce and gabbana

Sophia Loren / Monica Bellucci / Laetitia Casta /
Bianca Balti

At the fall-winter 2016 fashion show we saw an influx of pregnant women and new moms across the runway, while “Mama” from the Spice Girls was delighting the viewers’ ears. The collection is now available in stores and online, and so in order to push sales in both channels, Dolce & Gabbana has launched an amazing print campaign, where quotidian family scenes are beautifully shown, and a digital activation where the user can pay homage to their mothers.

mgluxurynews Dolce & Gabbana campaign family mgluxurynews Dolce & Gabbana family campaign mgluxurynews Dolce & Gabbana La famiglia mgluxurynews family selfie Dolce&Gabbana

FW 16 Advertising Campaign

It’s amazing how a concept that is far from Fashion (and from mother’s day) can have so much impact among the consumers. In social media they achieved: 404 tweets in the last month, and 21.872 Intagram‘s posts with the hashtag #DGfamily.

These kind of actions have established the brand – together with Chanel, Balmain and others – among the designers that worry more about the Image than the Shape, but in my opinion, it isn’t something negative. Actually, the brand has been able of adapting to the Millenial’s age, where how-many-pictures-of-the-show-you-get-on-Instagram is the key to success, while maintaining a sublime taste for the clothes. And on top of that, Dolce & Gabbana has been able of keeping the Fashion House year after year under the same concept: Tradition.

mgluxurynews Dolce&Gabbana Family campaignmgluxurynews family for evermgluxurynews #DGFamily pictures

Some real pictures of the #DGFamily campaign

I have to say, bravo Dolce & Gabbana! They have touched thousands of hearts with their latest campaigns. Thousands of people that will buy from the heart, and not from promotions 🙂

xxx M


6 thoughts on “#DGFamily campaign, a sublime brand strategy that appeals to emotions.

  1. I think this concept of family matches their Italian brand very well. I loved their ad campaigns based on that but the FW 2016 was not good at all in my opinion. Without a context, a typical Italian background, it lacks strenght and looks really random.

    1. Hi Emmanuelle! It’s true that the latest fashion show was like shouting I love Italy! without making any sense…. However, I’d wait to see the communication and actions they do to launch the campaign in 2016 😉

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