Are Christmas Videos the Luxury Brands’s latest caprice or strategy.

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While half of the world is planning their summer holiday, the northern half is preparing for Christmas, my favorite time of the year. Luxury brands are also getting ready by developing emotional business strategies that catch consumers in their most sensitive moment of the year, and their latest achievement is the Christmas Video.

Probably everybody remembers Cartier and its little leopards, but in 2015 Christmas Videos rose as the top digital strategy for Luxury brands. 

Even though our Instagram account seems to be full of Christmas content, it’s still a new tactic for luxury brands, and some are wondering what should they communicate about, where, when, etc.

I have the impression that year after year, Christmas starts earlier. This Google Trends’s graphic shows us that heavy “searches” with the word Christmas start from the end of October, while the word Gifts is more stable throughout the year. Also, with Black Friday fever in the air, it can be tempting for luxury brands to try to capitalize on the rush of traffic to retail stores post-Thanksgiving, but as they can’t fall into cheap promotions, they push Christmas communication earlier.

mgluxurynews Google Trend Christmas SEARCH

Most of the brands have chosen social media as the best place to launch their Christmas videos. The reasons are pretty logic: 1.People uses them to share content with their community,’s very easy and free to make the message viral, and (which is very important) 3.the user has chosen to follow you, so they are willing to see your content.

In addition to these owned benefits, social networks have develop advertising tools, which means an exponential growth of the reach and engagement of your video with a low budget. However, why aren’t brands doing offline campaigns with this content, if Christmas is such a sales on this period of the year?

It’s important the fact that these Christmas videos communicate about brand image instead of one product, at the most they would use a selection of products. Brands that want to position themselves on this holiday territory, whether they have billionaire net revenues or they have a parallel campaign on print or TV where they advertise their latest launch. Of course, Christmas is for sharing, but the closing of the year has to be positive, so the key is to adapt your communication to the type of media 🙂

Here my favorite Christmas Videos of 2015.

MontBlanc Winter Tale 2015: Inspire Kindness 
wherever you go.
Viktor&Rolf - Flower Bomb's Christmas Video 
introduces you to their CRM program
Cartier - Diamonds are Girls Best Friends Christmas Video
Dior Beauty, Fragrances and Accessorizes Christmas Video
Nina Ricci Christmas Multiline video
Hermès wishes us a holiday haven for Christmas
Once upon a time, there was a rocket scientist 
named Max Huber.
Lots of love from Domenico and Stefano

I’m looking forward to know your opinion about them, and about the whole strategy that luxury brands are following this Christmas. Enjoy your week ❤

xxx M


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