The reason why we didn’t hear about the Chanel Mètiers D’Art show.

This article started building up in my head after reading the first news about Chanel latest Mètiers D’Art Show on Wednesday evening, 2 of December.

Just to put you in context, Chanel has several collections a year that go together with a Fashion Show: Two Haute Couture collections shown in Paris in January and July, two Ready-To-Wear ones in February and September, the Globe trotting Cruise collection shown in May, and the Pre-Fall (or Mètiers D’Art) at the beginning of December. They are usually vey big events, that receive mayor coverage on media, and since the last two years on social media as well.

mgluxurynews Chanel Fashion Shows 2015

Being Chanel one of the most influential brands on the Luxury Market, whose themed catwalks are known to be the origin of the Image Driven Fashion Shows,  how come didn’t I heard anything about the Mètiers D’Art Show, hosted in Rome on Tuesday 1st of December? 

I consider myself someone who is up-to-date with what happens on the Fashion Industry, so my only explanation is that this show wasn’t covered enough before it happened. Indeed, we can see that there was no trace of their official hashtags #paristorome & #chanelmetiersdart on social media before The Day. 

mgluxurynews Chanel hashtags

The pre-fall collection happens in the middle of a Global Holiday Campaign, which as I mentioned in my previous post The Christmas Videos, begins earlier year after year.

In many cases, Christmas means the 25% of the total sales: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, early discounts, Christmas windows displays, holiday ad campaigns… Brands and retailers are collapsing the media agenda so much, that we are actually missing other important information.

Should luxury brands adapt to the sales-pushing trend as well? Should Chanel change the dates of its amazing Mètiers D’Art Fashion Shows? Or it’s actually a new strategy from the brand to establish Pre-fall as a Niche collection?

Chanel Karl Lagerfeld Cinecittàmgluxurynews Chanel Metiers D'art Cinecittàmgluxurynews Chanel Pre Fall 2015mgluxurynews Kisrten Stewart Chanel

Images of Cinecittà, Chanel latest Mètiers D'Art Show

It’s true that Fashion Weeks have a lot of coverage, and it sprinkles all the brands from the line up. But not all fashion Maisons allow themselves to have six collections a year – no time, no budget, no people – So the ones that actually can, try to keep some of them for the jet set – less teasing, less attendees, less coverage. This way, they maintain the exclusivity of Luxury. 

Definitely, to join the massive Christmas Sales campaign is not what luxury brands have to do, and if this means that we’ll miss important news, we should think twice what is happening. Are we replacing real Christmas for a chance to have 50% discounts? Are we transforming Digital into a shopping lever? Are online publications treating us as consumers or as users?

With these reflections, and the Behind The Scenes video, I give you my regards and wish you a wonderful week.

María Geronico.


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