MG Christmas Inspiration

Hello readers! As many of you, MG goes on Christmas Holiday for some days. Therefore, we’ll have less activity on the Blog and less entertaining links on our social media. BUT I couldn’t say au revoir before sharing with you a 100% Christmas post, full of inspiration and personal thoughts from the best time of the year 🙂

december newsletter

I’m the kind of person who loves to give presents, and I actually prepare them weeks before. You can find wish lists all over on your favorite brands and retailers, but what about those little gifts that are really cool and cheap, and that fill the holes under the tree? Lately I’ve found Gewel, a new brand that has very funny accessorizes, smartphone’s cases and other similar items. I suggest you to have a look at it!


Handbag Gewel Boy

And what about the presents wrapping? It’s so much beautiful when you pick up a theme, or a color palette for the paper. I love this new trend of using a very simple paper, and decorate it with a thin rope and natural elements.

mgluxurynews Christmas wrapping 3mgluxurynews Christmas wrapping DIYmgluxurynews Christmas wrapping whitemgluxurynews Christmas wrapping

As I may have told you, I’m half Italian and half Spanish, and so at home we use to mix some traditions from both countries in all festivities. My favorite ones in Christmas are having Spanish ham for starter and Italian Panettone as dessert 🙂

mgluxurynews Christmas Panettone 2mgluxurynews Christmas Panettone Deliciousmgluxurynews Christmas PANETTONE

Of course, the food is one of the things I enjoy the most during this holiday. The family gather’s together, and everyone cooks the best recipe they have, so we can’t forget the table setting! I’d suggest to match it with your gifts’ wrapping of with the tree decoration.

mgluxurynews matching table and tree

Gold and green

mgluxurynews simple and rustic Christmas deco

Simple and Rustic
mgluxurynews golden and silver decoWhite and Gold

There are so many things that I like to do in Christmas, that this post could never end: The parties, the dresses, even Christmas songs! But what I love the most is being among family and friends, giving and receiving a lot of love. And you, which is your favorite thing from Christmas?

birking baghappinessmgluxurynews Christmas hot chocolate with coockiemgluxurynews Christmas HOT CHOCOLATEmgluxurynews Christmas moments 2mgluxurynews Christmas PINKmgluxurynews Christmas tree 3

Enjoy your holiday, and have a wonderful Christmas!

María Geronico


9 thoughts on “MG Christmas Inspiration

  1. I love Christmas too, this is my favorite time of the year defintely 🙂 The wrapping papers ideas are just so chic and cool !

  2. you make it all seem so very simple. The gift wrapping is lovely. I am blogger with no reader; a solo on Internet; I don’t work and this is how I stay busy. It is maddening at times to be so alone. A wife with no children who is at home and losing. I go to libraries lots; or use to. Things are tough and getting worse for me; people say it will get better but not true. Sorry and happy holidays

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