The Welcome of a new Jean Paul Gaultier

Last Saturday took place at 8pm in France the launch of a new Jean Paul Gaultier’s brand image through the launch of The Factory, their latest ad campaign. This video will broadcast to the masses the message about a change, but the truth is that fashion mavens have been receiving during the last week several tips about the new Jean Paul Gaultier.

Now it’s time for MG luxury News to share it between her beloved readers and to reveal what is going on behind all the brand’s sudden initiatives




After some weeks of an online teasing with the Black Out, the Maison launched its new digital ecosystem at the same time than their SS16 Haute Couture fashion show.

mgluxurynews #JPGFactoryMGLUXURYNEWS Jean Paul Gaultier SS16 Couture

Images of SS16 Haute Couture Show

Finished the runway’s count-down, the brand communicated to its followers the possibility of streaming the show through Periscope, and watching it from the eyes of two digital influencersCamille Benaroche who sat in the balcony, giving viewers an aerial view of the crowd and runway below, and Vanessa Perroud who sat eye level with the runway, getting closer shots of the models as they strutted past.

mgluxurynews Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Periscope

Some days after the Show, J.P.Gaultier released The Factory, its latest and only ad campaign, which communicates both the brand and its real cash cow: The perfumes Le Male and Classique.

What’s going on inside the brand? Why having this major launch now?

mgluxurynews La Male Classique

Since the brand quitted ready-to-wear during the last quarter of 2014, we have been asking ourselves what was going to be the positioning of the brand, and its role in the Fashion Industry. In my opinion, Mr. Gaultier is getting old. He’s still a man full of creative ideas, we saw it during his last couture show, but a fashion brand doesn’t survive on ideas, and the business part is really important to take care of.

The focus on its core products, Le Male and Classique, the redesign of the brand’s online presence, a huge investment on media and retail – It’s water clear that Puig, the fashion and fragrance company, has finalized the integration of Jean Paul Gaultier as part of its portfolio, and now they are fully responsible for its development, production and distribution.

I’m sure that the change will be really profitable for the brand, but what worries me is the possibility of losing Jean Paul Gaultier’s magic. The brand has been globally known because of its rule-breaking spirit, its sexual appeal, its connections with the night, the underground parties, the gay sector, everything transsexual, the cabarets! Will the transfer to a more corporate group bring the end of this? For the moment, the launch of The Fabric has been extravagantly discrete. Maybe, Puig is turning Jean Paul Gaultier’s communication into a more humorous critic of the society, as we can see on the graphic bellow, where the feminine model takes the role of the man – or maybe, it’s just turning it into a strait-laced Jean Paul Gaultier.


Have a wonderful week.

María Geronico.


3 thoughts on “The Welcome of a new Jean Paul Gaultier

  1. ¡No había visto aún ese anuncio! Han hecho un gran cambio, pero creo que los valores de la marca siguen siendo muy reconocibles. Me ha gustado bastante, es muy original: la fábrica, la mezcla de los dos perfumes, la pareja es más cercana…

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