2 thoughts on “How to launch an App successfully if you are a Luxury Fashion brand

  1. What a phenomenal article! A a great take on why content e-commerce will continue to have a place and why there are so few companies currently doing it.

    I wonder if you think there’s a void to be filled in a luxury fashion app that achieves true network effects like Linkedin, Airbnb, etc. where the addition of more users makes the whole platform more useful?

    1. Like The Net Set you mean? Like experts say, there’s still a lot to do online, they key is to do it well.
      Linking to my previous post http://ow.ly/ZelI8, of course apps have a very big potential: Users are going to be 95% on mobile (we are even going to replace our wallet for a smartphone), and apps are the less intrusive platforms for brands to communicate on mobile.

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