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Hello dear reader,

My name is María Geronico and I’m part of this huge microworld called the Luxury Industry.

MG Luxury News is my project, which I created to showcase the Business and Media activities of Fashion and Luxury brands.

Some years ago, I graduated in Advertising and by luck or destiny I ended up in the digital media team of one of these brands. I’ve discovered that being considered a Luxury brand doesn’t mean you will lead the market: The real battle in such a competitive industry is to engage with your consumers and gain market share. Fashion and Luxury brands need to continuously be on the loop, innovating with new trends and offering novelties, but at the same time in terms of communication they have to stay connected to their roots.

Today some people and some brands are still reluctant to innovation and they are afraid to take a step into the digital world. Here is where for me it is a real pleasure to interfere: by hoping I can bring value sharing and spreading within the digital community the latest news in the Luxury, Fashion and Beauty world, and convince you that “Digital” and “Brand Engagement” are the future for these brands.

Best regards,



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  1. Nice post. Thanks for having a look at my blog. I’m interested to read more on your blog! Happy Blogging 🙂

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