Fashion weeks aren’t always glamorous

Hello readers! I’m going to write a quick post about my experience at (I’m going to be sincere) my first real fashion show. Yesterday I was really excited when I got two invitations for Custo‘s show at 080 Barcelona Fashion – Fist of all, I have to thanks XXL Communicación for giving me the chance of going in order to cover the event – But except the beautiful moment when all the models walked through the catwalk, I have to say that it didn’t exceed my expectations.


The location of the show, the Museo Maritim, couldn’t be more beautiful, but the capacity of the place was so overtaken that people had to stand really packed over the sides of the catwalk. So, with 10 tall guys taking pictures to the models in front of me, I couldn’t see much! However, the overall collection seamed really cool, original and following Custo’s patterns. I specially liked the miniskirts and little sexy dresses. There was a lot of squared prints, black and white with touches of red and the mega boots! The 90’s spirit was very presence in the accesorizes – fishnet stockings and minimalist hair and beauty styles.

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After the show, there was cocktail waiting for the audience in another big room of the Museum, where we could take pictures at the photocall, have a drink and basically gossip about all the people around. I’ve got one thing to say about this moment: If you are organizing a cocktail after a show, you want it to be fun, so you’d hire a DJ and you’d put enough drinks so the (too many) people you had invited to the show could stay at least one hour and a half. What happen is that there was a large crowd leaving the place as soon as the show ended, because the cocktail wasn’t fun enough.


My intention isn’t to relate Custo to this bad experience, but I have to say that not all Fashion Shows are as excited as they look like, that the media around increase the magic of these events, and that (just discovered) the after party is key for an overall great feeling towards your show!

Anyway, I think I’ll have to try more Fashion Shows in order to smoothen my idea of Fashion Weeks!

xxx M