Find your weekly workout routine

When I was at school I was a sporty girl, but nightlife came to my life, and for several years I was more into having fun and letting my body experience with hangovers. I guess than everybody goes through this period, but we all grow, find a job and realize that exercise isn’t just important for our body, but also for our minds.

This week’s post is a description about: What motivates me more for training, which steps might help you creating a healthy routine, and which lessons and exercises I like the most!

You might be tired of spending time sweating, while seeing no results. But remember that your body needs to get used to a certain intensity, and in order to achieve it you need to be determined on your daily meeting at the gym. You’ll see that your body changes and shapes if you follow the right diet (with this I don’t mean to starve on salads and row food), and a weekly workout schedule of 4 or 5 times a week.

For me it’s important to create a whole ritual around it: Maybe buy yourself a nice outfit that shapes your muscles, or some detox teas to replace that evening snack. Little things might help you increasing the motivation during the first weeks.

But of course, it’s key to find a gym near your job/home, a nice group of runners or anything that can make the training session easy and fun! I’m really lucky because of two reasons: I’ve got a gym just 5 floors under my offices, and I live in a city with an amazing promenade where having a 7km run is glorifying.

Nevertheless, training can be tough, and even more on Monday’s, so my biggest tip is to wake up 15 min earlier, make yourself a very nice breakfast and smile a couple of times in front of the mirror. You will immediately feel happier and motivated to become healthier.

Here my weekly training routine!

  • Monday: Some weights to shape the body after the weekend, with a Total Corporate class during my lunch break! After, a big salad at my desk so I don’t lose more time at work. I like to do a special focus on squads, back and abs.
  • Tuesday: Whether I join the crossfit class, or I play any outdoor sport to sweat and disconnect. This could be the day I train the hardest!
  • Wednesday: It’s half of the week, just when my body asks for some stretching and my mind for some relaxation. There’s nothing better than my evening yoga class – with Vinyasa I train muscles that I didn’t even know that existed.
  • Thursday: Sacred spinning! It’s the only gym exercise that exists already for 3 decades, it must because of something, right?
  • Friday: Normally, this is the last day of my weekly training routine. On Friday’s I pack my things and at 7:15am I’m heading to the gym for a morning session. Usually, I do a review of the most important exercises: Abs, legs and some cardio.
  • Weekends: If I have time, I love to spend one morning running along the promenade and doing some stretching’s at the beach. Sadly, during the weekends I’m pretty busy with the blog and other personal projects…!

I hope that this post helps you finding the motivation that you need. On the contrary, if you are passionate about being healthy, don’t hesitate to share your routine, habits and tips with me 🙂

Bellow, some of my favorite workout outfits, new on House of CB. Have a wonderful week!

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